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Our shared vision for Luton: Luton will be a healthy, fair and sustainable town, where everyone can thrive and no-one has to live in poverty.

Luton 2020-2040 is our town-wide vision built around a shared ambition that by 2040, no-one in Luton will have to live in poverty.

Following the success of the Luton Investment Framework (LIF) in attracting investment into the town we recognised the need to ensure that everyone in Luton could benefit from economic growth.

The work of the Luton Inclusive Growth Commission highlighted the impact of poverty on the life chances of our residents with many families living below a decent standard of living.

Since then, the impact of COVID-19 on our town and our residents has further demonstrated the need for an ambitious vision that addresses the challenge of poverty so that everyone can thrive.

As a result of the pandemic we brought forward the consultation on the vision to shape the first five years of our journey to 2040. During the summer of 2020, residents and organisations in Luton and the surrounding areas were consulted through virtual consultation sessions and on-line surveys. Their responses enabled a consultation report to be prepared and presented with recommendations for the final vision document.

Our vision document sets out how we will lay the foundations for our journey to 2040 over the next five years. We will work together with residents and partners across Luton and the wider region to overcome the economic and health impacts of COVID-19, while beginning to deliver on our overall ambition for no-one in poverty by 2040.

At the heart of our vision are also commitments to make Luton a town built on fairness and social justice, give our children and young people the best start in life by making Luton a child friendly town and make Luton a carbon neutral town

The vision has been developed from:

  • the findings of the Inclusive Growth Commission report
  • Luton 2040 consultations that have taken place with stakeholders and residents across Luton since September 2019
  • the impact of COVID-19

The vision will be delivered through our two strategic partnership boards, the Inclusive Economy Board and the Health and Wellbeing Board. Each of these boards brings together representatives from various sectors across Luton to drive the delivery of their respective strategies.

The Health and Wellbeing Board will be responsible for driving the delivery of the Population Wellbeing Strategy.

The Inclusive Economy Board will be responsible for driving the delivery of the Inclusive Economy strategy.

We have already begun to transform Luton to become a healthier, fairer and more sustainable town where all our residents can thrive.

A lot of work is being progressed by our partners, you will find highlights and successes of what has been achieved to date in our Luton 2040 reviews which can be viewed in the downloads section below.

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