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LIF to Luton 2040


The Luton Investment Framework was a success, exceeding its target of attracting £1.5 billion of inward investment to the town, resulting in numerous benefits such as:

  • fast job growth
  • higher wages
  • increased opportunities

It led to:

  • the construction of quality and affordable housing
  • new schools
  • investment in arts and culture
  • development sites
  • infrastructure projects
  • better health outcomes and a reduction in the life expectancy gap
  • it strengthened the town's communities, making them more resilient

However, not all members of the Luton community were able to reap the benefits of this growth and opportunity. For instance, 46 percent of children were living in poverty, and 28 percent of working families were living in relative poverty. In the Biscot ward, 67 percent of children lived in poverty, and disadvantaged five year olds were 15 months behind in their vocabulary.

To address these issues, Luton council established the independent Luton Inclusive Growth Commission in December 2018. The commission was comprised of nine members, including the chair Professor Sir Les Ebdon, CBE DL, as well as representatives from:

  • education
  • health
  • business
  • voluntary and community sectors

After reviewing a wealth of evidence and engaging extensively with the community, the commission identified various challenges facing Luton. The commission's ambitions and recommendations helped shape the Luton 2040 vision, which aims to create an inclusive, modern, and aspirational place that recognizes the value of the town's young people and diverse population. The commission's findings are outlined in the Growing Luton Together reports.

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