Leisure and culture

Sport and physical activity

Leisure, activity and sports clubs and centres in Luton - from angling to zumba!

Arts, culture and events

Carnival, music, library theatre, Hat Factory


Advice to help residents eat well, stay active and live longer

Children's and young people's activities

Youth services and clubs including TOKKO and the youth bus

Cycling, swimming and walking

Cycle training, walking maps, swimming timetables and venues

Events, tourism and accommodation

Attractions, annual events, visitor information centre, accommodation


Renew a library book, search the catalogue, find libraries in Luton and learn how to borrow eBooks.

Museums, local history and heritage

Local museum information, archives, local studies and family history

Organising a street party or fete

Who to advise, notification timescales, planning procedures

Parks and recreation

Open spaces, recreational activities, park sports, play facilities, allotments

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