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A town built on fairness and social justice

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One of three underlying commitments at the heart of the vision is to tackle inequality to ensure everyone in Luton has the opportunity to thrive and no-one has to live in poverty.

To achieve this we will need a clear commitment to delivering more equitable outcomes for all our residents as well as ensuring that everyone in Luton has the power to shape the future of the town.

We will work together to identify and overcome structural barriers, such as discrimination through a fairness taskforce and we will establish a citizen’s panel to give all parts of our community a powerful voice that makes a real difference.

This has been developed in the strategic priority.

A strong and empowered community supporting fairness, equality and local pride and speaking with a powerful voice.

  • promoting a cohesive and inclusive society
  • tackling prejudice, discrimination and hate in all its forms
  • achieving equitable outcomes for all who are disadvantaged or a risk of disadvantage
  • making Luton a disability friendly town
  • ensuring our community has influence, voice and respect in shaping the vision and priorities for Luton 2040 and the future of the town

To measure progress on this priority we will be regularly monitoring the following target outcomes:

  • a town built on fairness with equitable outcomes for all our residents
  • a continually cohesive community where our residents get along well with each other
  • a meaningful voice for all our residents to shape the vision and direction of our town
  • increased social responsibility and civic pride throughout our community
  • a thriving voluntary and community sector that enables our residents to support themselves and each other

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