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Population Wellbeing


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The Population and Wellbeing Strategy 2023 to 2028 focuses on improving the quality of life for our residents, by protecting the most vulnerable in our society and addressing the health inequalities that prevent people from reaching their full potential.

The strategy is driven by the Health and Wellbeing Board, which includes representatives from the public sector, health and social care and emergency services. The board will lead work across the town to improve mental and physical wellbeing from early years to old age, as well as improving quality of life through access to decent and affordable housing, quality education and by ensuring our community is safe and cohesive.

The Luton 2040 vision includes the following strategic priority:

Protecting the most disadvantaged in our town by prioritising services and interventions that focus on prevention, alleviate the impact of poverty and reduce health inequalities.

For this priority there are five target outcomes:

  • better and more equal healthy life expectancy rates for residents across Luton
  • more of our households will live in good quality and secure housing
  • more of our families will be financially sustainable and fewer will experience being in crisis
  • greater support for mental wellbeing and reduced social isolation for people of all ages
  • a safer community with fewer cases of domestic abuse, serious violence and drug and alcohol related harm
To deliver on its strategy the Health and Wellbeing Board have published the Population Wellbeing Strategy.

The Health and Wellbeing board have responsibility for the following work streams.

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  • reduced inequalities from birth across Luton
  • good educational attainment from early years
  • more children at a healthy weight
  • greater support for mental wellbeing for young people
  • increased physical activity and lower obesity rates in adults
  • better mental wellbeing
  • increasing screening and detection of serious conditions
  • reduced drug and alcohol related harm
  • reducing social isolation
  • ensuring elderly residents are living in decent housing
  • tackling fuel poverty and pensioner poverty
  • enabling more people to remain in their own home in old age
  • more good and outstanding schools in Luton
  • higher educational attainment
  • SEND provision and measures to tackle educational inequalities
  • increased access to adult education and lifelong learning
  • lower crime and reoffending rates including fewer cases of domestic abuse, exploitation and serious youth violence
  • protecting the most vulnerable
  • increased capacity and resilience in our community
  • more affordable homes for families in Luton
  • reducing homelessness and temporary accommodation
  • ensuring more housing is decent, safe and secure

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