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Housing benefit, council tax support, changes to the benefit system.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is now being rolled out across Luton so you may no longer be eligible for Housing Benefit.

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit eligibility, apply for Housing Benefit, view your Housing Benefit

Council Tax Reduction

You could receive a reduction if you’re on a low income or claim benefits.

Care related benefits

Benefits available to help you if you become increasingly frail or have a disability

Upload documents

If you receive benefits and need to provide proofs to support an application or change of circumstance, do it online here.

Change in circumstances

Find out how to report any change in your circumstances that we need to know about.

Luton Access

Advice and support organisations together under one roof

Benefit and budgeting calculator

Find out what benefits you may be entitled to, and see if there are ways to better manage your budget.

Added security measures

​To protect sensitive information, we may sometimes send emails using a secure encrypted email service called Egress Switch.

Protecting your data

If you claim benefits from us, the way we contact you has changed so that sensitive information about y​ou stays secure. Please read important information here about creating a Switch account to keep your data safe.

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