Housing benefit, council tax support, changes to the benefit system.

Housing benefit

Housing benefit eligibility, apply for housing benefit, view your housing benefit

Upload documents

If you receive benefits and need to provide proofs to support an application or change of circumstance, do it online here.

Change in circumstances

Find out how to report any change in your circumstances that we need to know about.

Council tax reduction

You could receive a reduction if you’re on a low income or claim benefits.

Crisis support scheme

Information on the crisis support scheme including crisis and community care awards.

Benefit changes - Welfare Reform

Find out about recent changes to benefits and how they might affect you.

Healthy Start

What is the healthy start scheme and how you can apply

Council tax exceptional hardship relief scheme

Discretionary assistance with your council tax may be available on a short-term basis.

Care related benefits

Benefits available to help you if you become increasingly frail or have a disability

Luton Access

Advice and support organisations together under one roof

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