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A carbon neutral town


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The future prosperity of our town and its residents relies on all of us taking bold and decisive action to ensure that Luton is a sustainable place for years to come.

Our ambition is to make Luton a carbon neutral town by 2040, 10 years ahead of the national target. This will require action and innovation from residents and organisations across Luton to achieve this.

This is one of three underlying commitments at the heart of the vision. We will be working in partnership to ensure our homes, infrastructure, businesses and airport are all sustainable.

This has been developed in the strategic priority:

Becoming a greener and more sustainable town, to meet our long-term ambition to be carbon neutral and climate resilient by 2040.

  • achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040
  • supporting clean growth and the growth of green businesses and social enterprises
  • improving air quality and the natural environment throughout Luton
  • enhancing digital connectivity and green infrastructure including the greenest airport in the UK and increasing active and sustainable travel

To measure progress on this priority we will be regularly monitoring the following target outcomes:

  • reduced net carbon emissions from organisations and households
  • better air quality enjoyed by people across Luton
  • a greener transport network that supports employment and increased use of sustainable travel across Luton
  • increased walking and cycling by residents, workers and visitors in the town
  • the most sustainable airport in the UK

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