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A child-friendly town


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Luton has one of the youngest populations in the country which provides enormous potential to the future of our town as a vibrant community where businesses look to invest for the future.

Having a young population also brings its challenges as Luton is currently experiencing one of the highest rates of child poverty outside of London meaning it is vital we have a clear focus on giving our young people the best start in life to enable them to reach their full potential as adults.

Our ambition is therefore for Luton to be a child-friendly town, one of three long-term commitments at the heart of our shared vision. We will have a town-wide commitment to make Luton a UNICEF child-friendly town at the heart of the vision.

This ambition focuses on children and young people aged 0 to 24 years old.

This has been developed in the strategic priority:

Making Luton a child-friendly town where our children and young people grow up feeling happy, healthy and secure, with a voice that matters and the opportunities they need to thrive.

  • ensuring all children and young people can access their basic needs and essential services
  • making sure children and young people grown up feeling safe and secure
  • reducing educational and health inequalities for children and young people in Luton
  • ensuring that children and young people with SEND have the same access to opportunities, activities and quality of life as other young people
  • enabling our young people to have a voice that is heard and that matters

To measure progress on this priority we will be regularly monitoring the following target outcomes:

  • all of our children and young people will be able to access services that keep them safe and secure
  • reduced educational inequalities for our children and young people
  • children and young people with SEND will have the same opportunities and activities as non-disabled children and young people
  • excellent educational outcomes and increased aspiration and achievement for our children and young people
  • our young people will have a voice that is heard and that matters

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