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Working together


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In order to achieve the Luton 2040 vision, the council work with individuals and organisations to play their part.

The council continually works with its partners on initiatives and projects to achieve the aims of the vision following the initial consultations which took place with stakeholders and residents across Luton in September 2019.  In order to develop the vision further and meet its ambitions, the council will continue to provide opportunities for everyone in the town to engage further.

The council’s role

The council is leading the way by:

  • making sure we buy locally, with a target that within five years, 70% of our spend will be with local businesses who make a commitment to recruit locally, develop their staff and pay a real living wage
  • spearheading actions to make Luton a real living wage town, so working people don’t struggle to get by boosting skills and training
  • generating 15,000 good quality jobs to help more people find work
  • rethinking the town centre
  • making Luton an attractive place to work, live and visit

The council is strongly committed to working in partnership with residents, communities, businesses and other organisations to develop a shared vision for Luton.

Partner’s role

The Luton 2040 vision is delivered through a partnership approach encompassing all businesses, communities, voluntary and public sector organisations throughout the town.  The council will lead and coordinate the work through the facilitation of two strategic partnership boards:

  • the Inclusive Economy Board who will focus on the Inclusive Economy Strategy
  • the Health and Wellbeing Board who will focus on the Population Wellbeing Strategy

Each board has representatives from various sectors meeting regularly throughout the year, with shared responsibilities and initiatives being brought together through two joint conferences each year.

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