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As a council, we are committed to making Luton a place to thrive by 2040, and we recognise that achieving this vision requires a collective effort from individuals and organisations throughout the town. To ensure that everyone has a voice in shaping our shared future, we have been engaging with stakeholders and residents through consultations since September 2019, and we will continue to provide opportunities for further engagement.

The council’s role

As leaders in the town, we are taking the initiative to spearhead actions that will bring us closer to our vision. This includes:

  • responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recovery with our partners
  • bringing forward a new town centre masterplan that will reimagine our town centre as a place where residents and businesses can thrive
  • committing to buying locally to support local businesses and employment

We are also developing:

  • a new skills strategy that meets the needs of employers
  • leading on the development of a climate change action plan for the town
  • committing to making London Luton Airport the most sustainable airport in the UK

We believe that making Luton an attractive place to live, work, and visit is essential to achieving our vision.

A partnership approach

We recognise that achieving the Luton 2040 vision will require a partnership approach that encompasses all businesses, communities, voluntary and public sector organisations throughout the town. To facilitate this approach, we have established two strategic partnership boards:

  • the Inclusive Economy Board
  • the Health and Wellbeing Board

Each board has representatives from various sectors, meeting regularly throughout the year with shared responsibilities and initiatives being brought together through the respective chairs at the Luton 2040 Board. At the heart of the Luton 2040 vision, both boards will be responsible for delivering a:

  • child-friendly town
  • a town built on fairness and social justice
  • a carbon-neutral town

The Inclusive Economy Board

The Inclusive Economy Board is driving the activity outlined in the Inclusive Economy Strategy, which includes:

  • creating more high-value jobs
  • transforming our town centre
  • enhancing the skills of our residents
  • ensuring that more of our residents are able to earn a real living wage

The board is also working closely with large employers in the town to adopt new procurement strategies that create social value.

The Health and Wellbeing Board

The Health and Wellbeing Board is delivering on the activity outlined in the Population Wellbeing strategy, which includes:

  • work to improve physical and mental wellbeing for children, adults, and older people in Luton
  • reduce health inequalities

This strategy will also contribute to improving wellbeing and reducing poverty by strengthening our community and ensuring that everyone in Luton can access quality education and safe, affordable housing.

Overall, we are strongly committed to working in partnership with residents, private sector businesses, and public, voluntary, and community sector organisations to deliver our shared vision for Luton.

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