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Luton Borough Council

Universal Credit

From 21 November 2018, Universal Credit is expected to be available to all residents who live in the Luton Job Centre area.

We have noticed a small number of situations in which UC claimants have not correctly completed their application and therefore have had issues, delays in getting benefit or in some cases had to reapply.

To avoid being affected negatively please note the following when you make your UC claim:

  • if you are a couple, please make sure your partner completes their part of the application form
  • once you submitted your application you must make the follow up appointment
  • make sure you claim council tax reduction from Luton Council online via myaccount if you need help with your council tax payments

Further Information about Universal Credit​

Universal Credit will replace the following benefits:
  • Jobseeker's Allowance (income based)
  • income related employment and support allowance
  • Income Support Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit (for those of working age)

Universal Credit will be administered by the Department for Works and Pensions.

You will still need to claim Housing Benefit from Luton Council for help with your rent if you:
  • live in temporary or supported accommodation
  • are old enough to get State Pension Credit
Check your eligibility for UC here
If you have difficulty applying online please contact the Universal Credit Services Centre on 0800 328 9344.
If you want help to pay your Council Tax you will still have to apply for Council Tax Reduction from Luton Council online via MyAccount.
More information on Universal Credit can be found on the Universal Credit and benefits webpage on Luton Access.

How to get ready for Universal Credit

Be prepared:
  • have a bank or building society account that can receive payments
  • if you have a partner and you are both eligible to claim Universal Credit, the payment will be made as a single monthly payment so you will need to decide which one of you will receive it
  • make sure that you have an email address
  • you will need access to the internet: if you do not have internet access at home you will need to visit your local Job Centre Plus office, library or advice agency such as Citizens Advice or here at the council offices

When Universal Credit is awarded:

  • set up direct debits from your bank account to help manage your rent
  • draw up a budget

Getting into credit on your rent account now could help you avoid rent arrears in the future. Paying a little bit extra each week can help safeguard against unwanted future arrears.

For more information about Universal Credit please visit the Universal Credit website..

Universal Credit and landlords

Information for landlords can be found on the Universal Credit and landlords.​​​​​​​​​​​page on GOV.UK.
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