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Luton Borough Council

Manage your Council tax, business rates and benefits online

To apply for or view Council Tax and benefits online, you will first need to register online. Note: upon first login, you may be prompted to reset your password. The following services are available:

Council Tax

  • View details of you Council Tax account
  • Check balances and make payments
  • Set up direct debit to pay Council Tax
  • Tell us you're moving

Council Tax Reduction

  • View details of your claim
  • Check your entitlement

Housing Benefit

  • Apply for and view details of your claim
  • Check when the next Housing Benefit is due
  • Check the make up of the household
  • Check any overpayments outstanding

Business rates

  • View details of your business rates account
  • Check balances and make payments
  • Set up direct debit to pay business rates

Register online in three easy steps

Step 1: Provide your email address
Step 2: Create a password
Step 3: Select your services

Login or register

Having problems signing in?

Help with registering or signing in

Providing supporting documents

You'll be asked to upload documents to support your application through a separate link: This page has guidance on the types of documents we accept and more, as well as a link to upload your proofs.

Please note: if you want to come back to upload documents at a later date, please either copy the list of uploads needed, or save your application before submitting to be able to log in and view it.

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