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Report a change in circumstances

You must tell us and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) about any changes that could affect the amount of benefit you get.

Changes to your work, money or family life are called 'changes of circumstances' and may alter the amount of benefit you get.
You have a legal duty to tell us if you have any changes of circumstances which may affect your housing situation, Council Tax or any benefits you receive.

Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction

You must tell us within one calendar month of the change happening

Tell us if you change address or if anyone in your household:

  • starts or stops receiving a benefit or an income such as Job Seekers Allowance or earnings
  • has a change in income such as a new job or increase in pay/hours of work
  • starts or stops making relevant payments, for example child care costs or expenses for self-employment
  • leaves or joins your household, for example an adult child moves out or a baby is born
  • has a change in the amount of rent paid

This list is not exhaustive. You must tell us about all changes which may affect the amount of benefit you should get.

From time to time a claim may be adjusted using earnings and/or pension details verified by real time information received from HMRC. You do not need to contact us about this. If we need to discuss this further we'll get in touch with you.

How to tell us about a change

You can tell us about a change in circumstances online.
You'll need your Council Tax account number and Housing Benefit / Council Tax Reduction claim reference number.

Tell us about a change of circumstance

Documents to support your change in circumstances

You'll be asked to upload documents to support your change of circumstance through a separate link.
See guidance on the types of documents we accept, as well as a link to upload your evidence Documents to support your application

Please note: if you want to come back to upload documents at a later date, please either copy the list of uploads needed, or save your application before submitting to be able to log in and view it.

Universal Credit

You must tell DWP about changes as soon as they happen.

If you’re applying for, or already receive, Universal Credit, you need to tell DWP of any changes of circumstances immediately. Any delay may mean you receive too much money and will have to make a repayment.

Report changes using your Universal Credit online account if you have one or contact the Universal Credit helpline.

If you receive Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction from us as part of your Universal Credit, you also need to notify us.

Housing register application

If your circumstances have changed since you originally applied for housing (for example, if somebody has joined or left your household or if your income has changed) you will need to let us know by completing our online housing change of circumstances form.

You will need to provide us with evidence of this change in your circumstances before we can update your application – see 'Before you start' when you open the online form.

Change of address

Whether you are receiving benefits or not your change of address needs to be reported through our online services.

Tell us about a change of circumstance

If you're moving to Luton find out what you can do online in preparation for your move.

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