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Luton Borough Council

Climate change

Luton Council supports:

Climctae change logos - ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Plannign & Transport) and The pathe to Zero from Climate Assembly UK  

Taking action on climate change

With the declaration of a climate emergency, we've put the need to confront climate change as an important priority. To tackle the climate emergency, we've pledged to ensure that Luton is a carbon neutral town by 2040, ten years ahead of the government’s own target.

Meeting this ambitious objective will need everyone in Luton to be involved. We need to:

  • know what the people of Luton think
  • listen to ideas concerning the measures you want to see implemented in the town
  • understand the scale and pace of change that is required

Get involved

You can get involved by letting us know your ideas and suggestions through:

Keep up to date with our action on climate change by checking:

See the links below for more information on how we plan to tackle climate change in Luton.

Luton action support plan and organisational action plan
Roadmap to achieve our goal to become carbon neutral by 2040.

ADEPT immediate priorities and path to net zero report
The key role we'll take in helping to link economic recovery to net zero emissions and nature restorations.

Climate change guide
How you can help tackle climate change by taking action today.

Climate change - executive approval
An ambitious timeline for developing a response to climate change has been approved.

Where have we got to so far
An ambitious timeline for developing a response to climate change has been approved.

The Strategy Room
An immersive experience to discuss climate change and policy.

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