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We send e-Luton, a digital update packed full of local and council news, community events and more, to over 33,000 subscribers every month.

Many of our services now send digital updates too, so if you'd like to keep up with the latest in the volunteering sector, or find out what's new in the world of children and families, sign up to our free service updates.

The money we save by keeping in touch with you digitally will be used for vital services like education, health and maintaining our roads. Plus, doing it this way saves trees!

You can opt in to as many digital updates as you like, including:

  • resident's updates - e-Luton (monthly)*
  • business news - Think Luton (quarterly)*
  • consultation notifications

* Please note that residents and business digital updates are currently being sent on a more regular basis so that we can keep you informed of the latest coronavirus updates and support. Once the pandemic is over, we'll revert to sending monthly and quarterly.

Previous issues of e-Luton

Find out more about opportunities to advertise in e-Luton.

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