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Luton Borough Council

Luton action support plan and organisational action plan


Luton Council support plan

We commissioned the Anthesis Group to develop a carbon emission’s profile of the town. The report is designed to help us plot a roadmap on how we identify and address the emissions within Luton. 

This will help us achieve our goal to become carbon neutral by 2040.

The report provides a snapshot of the challenges that face the town and the need for all sectors of the town to work closely to achieve this.

Organisational action plan

The climate change action plan is our pathway to working with key departments to meet our organisational commitment to achieving net zero by 2040. It outlines what we're doing and how we're capturing that progress.

The actions listed in our plan set out the initial opportunities we’ve identified to reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon sequestration in regards to our operations.

For more information on Luton Council’s commitment to achieving a net zero town please feel free to email:[email protected]


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