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ADEPT immediate priorities and path to net zero report


ADEPT - five immediate priorities

The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT) has developed:

  • its plan for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • a roadmap on how to deliver stronger, healthier communities, operating in a more resilient and prosperous economy

They suggest that local authorities will play a key role in helping to link economic recovery to net zero emissions and nature restorations.

Below are the five immediate priorities outlined by ADEPT in helping to start the journey towards a green recovery.

  1. Invest in low carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure including public transport, renewable energy and EV charging.
  2. Support reskilling, retraining and research to accelerate the move to a net zero economy.
  3. Upgrade our homes to ensure they are fit for the future.
  4. Make it easy for people to walk, cycle and work remotely.
  5. Accelerate tree planting, peatland restoration, green spaces and other green infrastructure.

Luton Council agreed in July 2020 to support ADEPT’s key five priorities to shape its actions towards achieving net zero by 2040.

Statement on Climate Scorecards by LBC and ADEPT

Climate Emergency UK, a lobbying group in the UK focused on ‘providing accessible information and transparent data on climate action’ have developed a series of scorecards to determine what council’s climate change action plans are showing at a local level throughout the UK.Luton Council has been involved in formulating a response to these scorecards as part of ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport).

Below is the council’s and ADEPTs official position.

“Councils are key to achieving climate goals through providing leadership, supporting business and communities and Kickstarting local schemes. Overcoming challenges and developing local opportunities all require meaningful community involvement and councils are happy to be held to account on climate action.
Each authority, whether predominantly rural, urban or coastal, is unique in terms of geography, size, resource and areas of responsibility and each will have individual priorities and ambitions particularly suited to that location.
A one-size fits all approach will not best achieve climate targets and we would caution against measuring individual authorities against each other without the context of that local picture."

Visit the ADEPT website for more information and news.

Path to net zero

It's essential that we work with citizens to ensure that:

  • your views are heard
  • we develop strategies that fit with your lives and aspirations

During times where COVID-19 has had an impact on how we consult and engage, the UK Assembly’s workshops bring together a range of UK citizens from differing backgrounds and experiences.

The assembly has developed a report called 'the path to net zero' which outlines 50 recommendations that should shape our approach to addressing climate change.

We agreed in October 2020 to adopt the path to net zero recommendations.

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