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Luton Borough Council

Where have we got to so far?


October 2021

Marsh Farm high rise cladding scheme, £6 million renew projects completed.

Fifteen communal sites have access to heat pumps as secondary heat source.

Emergency travel fund secured with £216 thousand to support schemes which give more space to pedestrians and cyclists.

£6.6 million PSDF funding delivered

July 2021

Green Flag status achieved and maintained for six district and neighbourhood parks.

A Luton tree policy and tree management strategy for 2020 to 2030 is currently being drafted ready for consultation and adoption.

April 2021

Successfully awarded £6.6 million through the public sector decarbonisation fund to provide energy solutions to our public buildings, including schools.

Switched over six thousand street lanterns in to LED lights at a cost of over £2.25 million.

Liquid to gas greener fuel approved for use in Fleet stock over two hundred vehicles using the fuel, with reduced local emissions, significant reduction in their nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxides emissions reduction up to fifty percent.

February 2021

In preparation for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) and our commitment towards achieving net zero emissions by 2040, we've released our first ever climate change guide. The guide is aimed at:

  • raising awareness of climate change
  • helping people to identify their carbon footprint  
  • helping people to reduce their carbon impact 
  • key facts and figures in energy conservation and carbon reduction measures

Download our climate change guide

If you have any comments or feedback about the guide please contact us at [email protected]

March to May 2020

Despite the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all our lives, we have continued to take action in our commitment to deliver a carbon neutral Luton by 2040, expanding our climate change team in April 2020 to ensure that target can be met.

A review of the Climate Change Action Plan will be conducted in April 2020 by our climate change team. The review will consider the timing and phasing of some initiatives due to impact of COVID-19.

In response to feedback received at February’s climate change forum, the climate change team is seeking to deliver a carbon literacy training package to council staff. Such training will develop an understanding of:

  • the science behind climate change
  • a local council’s role in tackling climate change
  • what a zero carbon council would look like
  • tailored actions that can be undertaken by each council service as part of a climate change action plan

February 2020

A climate change forum was undertaken on 11 February 2020 at the Hat Factory, Luton. Attendees were briefed on the challenge ahead by a series of guest speakers, followed by two engaging workshops.

These workshops enabled attendees to suggest ideas and actions that should be taken in Luton to tackle climate change.

January 2020

We published our climate change report. Commissioned by the council and conducted by the Antithesis Group, the report:

  • highlighted the emissions profiles of Luton and the council
  • discussed the degree to which the town’s emissions can be influenced with regional or national bodies
  • provided an evidence base for future action plans relating to climate change

A copy of this report can be found here: Luton climate action plan support.

A draft climate change action plan for the council was also published. The document outlined initial areas where we'll focussing such as:

  • exploring and cutting carbon emissions from our operations
  • increasing carbon sequestration efforts

You can read the climate change action plan here.

We declared a climate emergency and agreed our next steps to ensure Luton is carbon neutral by 2040.

October 2019

The Climate Change Executive Advisory Board outlined recommendations on climate change policy to the council’s Executive. These included establishing a series of community engagement events on Luton’s approach.

September 2019

Established the cross party Climate Change Executive Advisory Board, a climate change sub-group of the council’s Executive. The group was tasked with driving climate change activity within the council and across the town.

July 2019

We announced our intention for the town to be carbon neutral ahead of the government’s target of 2050.

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