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Capital letters

See capital letters


  • Colons are always used to introduce any list (see ‘Lists and bullet points’ on page 10), for example:
    Only three people turned up for the meeting: Sarah, Rachel and Jane.
  • Colons can also be used to make a break when something explanatory follows:
    She had achieved her ambition: she was a member of the board.


Use commas:
  • for a breathing pause in the sentence, for example, ‘When they arrived, the meeting was over’
  • in a list, for example, ‘I went to the shop and bought bread, milk, cheese, tea and coffee’
  • in pairs, in the same way we use brackets, for example, ‘My line manager, John Smith, can help with this’


Do not use capital letters when you write ‘councillor’ unless it forms part of a title, for example, Councillor Hazel Simmons.
Where you wish to use an abbreviation, use Cllr not Coun. We suggest you use the term ‘councillor’ as opposed to ‘member’, wherever possible as it is clearer for the public.


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