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Luton Borough Council

Parking and bus lane enforcement

Parking permits

Apply for, or renew, a parking permit online.

Parking permits

Tickets and appeals

How to appeal against a PCN, paying a ticket and viewing photo evidence.

More about tickets and appeals

Bus lane enforcement

Information on how bus lanes are enforced, paying or appealing a ticket

Find out more about bus lane enforcement

Parking restrictions

Parking restrictions in Luton explained.

More information on parking restrictions

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)

Upcoming TROs including temporary road closures and changes to pedestrian zones.

More about TROs

Parking enforcement

Information about Blue Badges, disabled parking bays, resident parking, dropped kerbs/crossover, season tickets, report a nuisance parked vehicle and renting a council garage.

More on parking enforcement

Red Routes

Information about Red Routes, restrictions and FAQs.

Find out more about Red Routes

Moving traffic enforcement

Information on what it is, how will enforcement be carried out, current locations and more.

Find out more about moving traffic enforcement


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