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Luton Borough Council

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)

A TRO is a legal document that restricts or prohibits the use of the highway network, in line with The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

We use them to:

  • help us to manage the highway network for all road users, including pedestrians
  • improve road safety and access to facilities

A TRO can only be proposed for the reasons set out in the legislation and a scheme can only be proposed if the regulations allow it to be signed and lined accordingly.

Examples of schemes that require a TRO include:

  • temporary road closures
  • temporary footpath closures
  • pedestrian zones
  • speed limits
  • on-street parking restrictions
  • weight limits
  • one-way streets and banned turns
  • prohibition of driving

Temporary TROs proposed

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  • TTRO 1815 - various roads - Thames Water
  • TTRO 1818 - Butterfield Green Road - Vale Extension
    • TTRO 1802 - Church Street, Roman Road
    • TTRO 1804 - Dallow Road, St Catherine's Avenue, President Way
    • TTRO 1803 - Oakley, Stockingstone, Lansdowne, Dunstable Roads and Rutland Crescent

    Temporary TROs made

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    • 1799 - Brackendale Grove, Saywell Rd, Tenth Ave, Stapleford Rd, Colin Rd, Stanford Rd, Tavistock Cres, Edward St, Radnor Rd

    Permanent TROs made

    More information

    Details of road closures and diversions can be found at

    You can also contact the Highway Services Manager in writing at the following address:
    Building 14
    Central Depot
    Luton LU4 8AU 

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