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Luton Borough Council


A Luton landlord has been successfully prosecuted following the tragic death of a tenant in a house fire at a HMO with inadequate fire safety precautions in place.

St George's Square Luton

Luton Council and the Local Community Led Local Development (CLLD) committee are pleased to announce the launch of the 2020 CLLD Small Grants Programme.

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Luton Council is facing a significant shortfall in its finances because of the Covid-19 crisis through a devastating drop in commercial income which funds over a third of council services.

Hazel Simmons

At this moment in time we are facing a real health crisis in Luton. Covid-19 cases are rising dramatically – so much so that the town now has the highest number in the whole of the Eastern region.


Luton Council is inviting residents to join this year’s Remembrance Sunday event online.

Two nationally rare flower-rich grasslands have gained national protection in recognition of their national importance for wildlife, Natural England announced on 14 October 2020.

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