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Luton Borough Council

Are you at risk of homelessness OR already homeless?

We cannot provide the majority of people with council homes but we will help you to prevent homelessness and help you to find a settled home. This settled home may be privately rented accommodation.

You should NOT move out of your home if you have nowhere else safe to go to, even if you're given a notice from your landlord or agent.

If you do leave your home, you may be found intentionally homeless and we may not be able to help any further.

Domestic abuse

If you need to leave your home because you're suffering from domestic abuse, sexual violence, stalking or harassment, please call 01582 510371 immediately for assistance.
There's also further information here:

Advice based on your personal situation

Please select the option that describes why you're homeless, or at risk of being homeless, to find out what else we can do to help you.

More help

If you already have a homeless application with Luton Council please contact your Housing Solutions Officer or email [email protected] or call 01582 546630.

If you are homeless or being threatened with homelessness you can ask for assistance online via our housing advice enquiry form below. You should only complete this form if you do not have an open application with Luton Council. If you need help with completing this form please contact us on 01582 510371.

Housing advice enquiry form

If you become homeless outside of normal office hours, you will need to contact the emergency out of hours service on 0300 790 0342. The team will ask you a series of questions about your circumstances.

This service is for homeless emergencies only and should not be used for normal casework enquiries or for enquires that have been resolved during working hours. 

Please be aware that any accommodation provided will only result in a temporary accommodation placement and you will be asked to contact the Housing Options Team on the next working day.

Access your personal housing plan online (This allows you to access your personal housing plan online once it has been published)

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