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Luton Borough Council

Energy advice and grants

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Grant funding sources for domestic buildings

Eligible households

Owner occupied, social housing, private rented tenants

We have set a target to become a zero carbon town by 2040.

Currently residents living in Luton, can apply for a number of grants available from the government and energy companies to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. We are encouraging homeowners, tenants and landlords to apply for the relevant grant schemes, to help improve the overall fabric condition of the property first and foremost.

A vast majority of energy in homes is lost through the lack of insulation through the walls, floor and the roof. The long term effect this has to the home owner / occupier is that the home will require a lot more energy to heat the home and to keep it at a comfortable temperature compared to one which is well insulated. As energy prices are on the rise each year, more and more people are finding it difficult to heat their homes and are falling into fuel poverty.

We are working tirelessly to eradicate fuel poverty. In order for us to achieve this we have complied a list of current grants available, detailing:

  • who can get them
  • which energy improvement measures can be applied for and
  • qualification criteria for applications


Energy Companies Obligation

Funding for Energy Companies Obligation will cease in June 2022

Find out more about the Energy Companies Obligation scheme

Local Authority Flexibility

LA Flex grant funding will cease at the end of March 2022

Find out more about the Local Authority Flexibility scheme

Local Authority Delivery (LAD 2) scheme

Local Authority Delivery (LAD 2) scheme available in 2022

Find out more about the Local Authority Delivery scheme

Landlord grant schemes

Information for landlords that are currently letting or planning to let a property

Find out more about the landlord grant schemes

On-boarding for installers

Guidance for Installers to register with Luton Council delivering works under ECO and LA Flexibility grants schemes.

Find out more about on-boarding with Luton Council
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