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What happens if I don't pay my council tax?


If you are on a low income and have little savings, you may be entitled to Council Tax Reduction.

We may be able to help you by making a different payment arrangement. Remember that paying by direct debit ensures that your payments are made on time every month.

If your payment is late or you don't pay, we send you a reminder notice. We normally send only one reminder before taking further action.

If you don't pay following this we will send you a summons to appear at the Magistrates Court. If you have received a summons, you can still make an arrangement to pay but you will have to pay the court costs and we will still apply for a Liability Order at the Magistrates’ Court. If you do not make an arrangement and it goes to court you will incur £77 court costs and lose your right to pay by instalments.

Making an arrangement to clear what you owe

Before you contact us, it may help you to make a list of your income and outgoings and work out how much you can afford to repay each week or month.

If you still don't pay, and you are working, we may apply to your employer to take it directly from your salary. If you are on benefits, we may recover the debt from your benefits payments. Otherwise we will use enforcement agents to collect the debt.

Follow this link for ways to pay your council tax.

Request an arrangement
Enforcement Law

From the 6th April 2014 all bailiff action and the fees that can be charged, will be governed by the Tribunals Courts & Enforcement Act 2007. As a result of this bailiffs are now referred to as enforcement agents.

The fees that will be applied after the 6th April when collecting a debt are:

  1. Compliance Stage Fee: £75
    This fee is due as soon as the case is received by the Enforcement Agent and covers all activity up to the 1st commencement of the enforcement stage
  2. Enforcement Stage Fee: £235 plus 7.5% of the value of the original debt
    which exceeds £1500
    This stage comprises all activity from the first attendance at the premises in relation to the instruction
  3. 3. Sale Stage Fee: £110 plus 7.5% of the value of the original debt which
    exceeds £1500
    This stage commences with the 1st attendance at the property for the purpose of transporting goods to the place of sale

The above fees are fixed and set by Government.

If you have a current case and enforcement action is necessary after the 6th April – you WILL be subject to the above fees. To avoid these fees you must ensure that you keep to any payment arrangement that is agreed prior to the 6th April.

We would prefer not to use enforcement agents to collect council tax or non domestic rates. Nevertheless we will not hesitate to do so if you have not responded to earlier recovery action, or you have made but failed to keep strictly to arrangements, or if you have a poor payment record.

We make special efforts to be sensitive to vulnerable people.

Vulnerable people

Vulnerable people are defined as:
  • pensioners
  • disabled people
  • single parent families
  • unemployed people
  • mental handicap or mental confusion
  • long-term sickness, serious illness or frailty
  • deafness or blindness or limited sight or hearing
  • recent bereavement (for example if a close family relative has died)
If you have been contacted by an enforcement agent and you fall into one of the categories shown above, please tell us immediately at [email protected].
Follow this link to learn more about enforcement agent's powers.

What can I do to stop the enforcement agent calling?

You can contact us and ask us to withdraw the enforcement agent. We only do this if you offer to pay back the debt. You should not offer to repay the debt at a rate you cannot afford.

What happens when an enforcement agent visits?


However hard we try, occasionally things go wrong. Please help us to put them right. 
You may want to complain if you think:
  • we have not treated you fairly
  • we have not treated you politely
  • we have not done something you think we should have done
  • we have done something badly
If this is the case please email [email protected]. We will respond within 10 working days.
Follow this link for further information on how to complain about an enforcement agent.
Find out about Luton bailiffs (enforcement agents) or pay a bailiff debt here.


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