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Luton Borough Council

Luton bailiffs

Before instructing a bailiff (also known as enforcement agents or debt collectors) to collect money owed to us we will write to you and ask that you contact us within 14 days to arrange payment in full.

Pay bailiff debt now

You may have been contacted by a bailiff if you owe money to us for one of more of the following:

If we don't receive payment in full, or if you don't arrange a suitable payment arrangement with us, then we may instruct a bailiff to visit and remove goods and possessions to the value of the debt.

If you have received contact from a bailiff please do not ignore it. It is our intention to help wherever possible if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Information and support is available here, along with several ways to pay your debt. Simply click the links below.

Online, over the phone, in person and more.

Information about stages of enforcement and what you will be charged.

The most commonly asked questions about enforcement agents.

Organisations that can help if you are in financial difficulty.

Contact info
Luton enforcement agents

Tel: 01582 548631

[email protected]


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