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What happens when an enforcement agent visits?


Enforcement visit

If you do not arrange to pay the Enforcement Agents, or arrange to make payment and then do not pay as agreed, they will visit you. If they visit there is a fixed fee of £235 plus 7.5% for any balance due above £1500.

The Enforcement Agent will ask you for payment in full, however if you cannot meet this request, the Enforcement Agent will normally make a repayment arrangement with you. The Enforcement Agent may enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement where the agent makes a list of your possessions that is equal in value to your debt.

You cannot dispose or sell your possessions when they are subject to a Controlled Goods Agreement without the Enforcement Agent's permission.

If you do not sign the Controlled Goods Agreement the Enforcement Agent can take your goods whilst at your property. There are additional costs of £110 plus 7.5% for any balance due above £1500 if this removal process starts. Further costs such as storage and auction fees may be charged. Exceptional costs, if agreed by the court can be charged.

Obstructing an Enforcement Agent or interfering with controlled goods is now an offence for which you can be arrested and sent to prison.

If you do not pay as agreed and you have signed a Controlled Goods Agreement, the Enforcement Agent may enter your property, by force if necessary, to take the goods listed.

If the Enforcement Agent believes that there are insufficient items to clear the debt, we will then consider other recovery options such as bankruptcy, a charging order against your property, or applying for committal to prison.

The full regulations can be found on the government web site.

Enforcement Agents working for the Council abide by the National Standards of Enforcement Agents.

Important - you or someone acting on your behalf should make the Enforcement Agent aware if you are:

  • elderly and have difficulty in coping
  • disabled
  • suffer from a long-term sickness or serious illness
  • recently bereaved
  • a single parent
  • having difficulty understanding English

The Enforcement Agent will be able to take account of your individual circumstances.

What happens if I don't pay my council tax?

Next steps: seeking independent help and advice

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