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Luton Borough Council


The political party in control is Labour. The leader of the council is Councillor Hazel Simmons, Labour Group. The leader of the Liberal Democrat Group is Councillor David Franks and the leader of the Conservative Group is Councillor John Young.

Political make-up of the Council

The overall turnout was 29.37%.

The number of votes cast was 42,904.

See full results at election 2019.

The final count took place at Inspire Sports Centre and concluded at 3.50am, Friday 3 May.

Laura Church, Returning Officer said: "I would like to thank all those who have worked so hard throughout the day to support the democratic process. Many people were up at the crack of dawn and have been staffing the poll stations from 7am to 10pm. Add to this number those who have been working late at night to count the votes and this has been another successful day for democracy in Luton".

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