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Luton Borough Council

Becoming a councillor

The Electoral Services office provides information on the process of electoral nominations, and publishes a list of nominations for the upcoming local election.

If you'd like to have more influence in democratic events and decisions in Luton, why not think about becoming a local councillor?

Full elections are held in all wards every four years in May. To qualify as a candidate in Luton's local elections you must be over 18 on the day you are nominated and on polling day, and follow a set of actions, including:
  • choosing whether to represent a party or stand as an independent candidate
  • submitting your nomination papers
  • planning your campaign
These websites give you answers to questions such as whether your are eligible to stand for election and how to get involved:
Application deadlines must be met and will be published on our website well in advance of each election.
Contact us if you have any specific queries about becoming a councillor in Luton.


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