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Luton Borough Council

Luton information observatory (research and statistics)

2021 census

Data from last year's census will be available here in early summer 2022.

Our information observatory provides statistics, mapping and research reports on information, such as the type of people who currently live here and projected population trends, economy, deprivation levels and what the census tells us about Luton.

The ‘This is Luton’ report looks at the demography and economy of Luton. It is the definitive source of data and information on these matters for Luton.

In addition, an overview of health and social care in Luton has been published, as part of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). Readers are advised to consult both of these high level reports in order to gain a full picture of life and health in Luton.


Information about the people that live in Luton including past Census data.

More about the Luton's population

Economy and employment

Information about Luton's economy such as employment levels, employer data, average earnings and more.

More about Luton's economy

Other intelligence

Information about indices of multiple deprivation and consumer data types in Luton.

More about deprivation and data types

Ward profiles

See the latest data for each of Luton’s wards covering areas such as population, demography, economy and education attainment. 

Luton's wards, as currently shown in the documents below, are being updated with new boundaries that will apply for the 2023 council elections. See 'new political map for Luton Council' for full details.

Published: January 2022
Next planned publication date: September 2022

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