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Luton Borough Council

Report an abandoned vehicle


Just because a car is parked in a particular place for a few days doesn’t automatically mean it’s been abandoned. Look for the signs listed below.

Signs of an abandoned car

The following are signs of an abandoned car:

  • number plates missing
  • flat tyres
  • missing wheels
  • broken windows
  • rubbish inside
  • it is unlocked
  • litter and weeds under the vehicle

Signs of a stolen and dumped car

The car may have been stolen and dumped. In you believe this to be the case, you should report it to the local police on 101. Do this if:

  • the car looks roadworthy
  • a number plate is visible
  • it doesn’t belong to one of your neighbours or their visitors (please check!)

What we can do

We'll inspect the vehicle. If we think it's abandoned, we may put a notice on it, explaining we intend to remove and scrap it.

If the owner fails to contact us or remove it within a specified time, we can remove and, if necessary, destroy it.

If the vehicle is on private land – we have to get the landowner’s consent before giving the owner or keeper notice to remove it.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to acknowledge your report, however if you wish to enquire further you can email [email protected] or telephone us on 01582 510333.

We can't remove vehicles straight away, so please phone us if you want information on timescales.

Report an abandoned vehicle

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