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Luton Borough Council

You and work

If you work for Luton Council, find the answers you need on taking time off, what to do when you’re ill, maternity and paternity leave, pay and much more.

Holidays and other time off

Understand your holiday allowance and how to book time off for holidays, compassionate and bereavement leave, time off for public duties, career breaks and temporarily changing your hours.

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Time off sick

Find out what to do if you’re ill today or have a doctor’s appointment, how sick pay works, what happens with long term or frequent illness, and returning to work after illness.

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Pay and allowances

Information about when we get paid, how to access and make sense of your payslip or change your bank details. Find out how to claim for mileage or eye tests. Learn more about allowances like the essential car user allowance.

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Behaviour at work

We all have a responsibility to behave well at work. This section explains the standards of conduct you're expected to meet, what to do if you have a problem at work and our disciplinary process.

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Performance at work

Find out more about our check in scheme and why it’s so important. Learn about our training and coaching offer and more.

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Time off for parents

When to tell your manager if you’re pregnant, how maternity and paternity leave work, and how to share parental leave.

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'You and work' is a pilot scheme to help us get information to staff that don't have access to the Luton network. We'd love to hear what you think. Was it useful? Did you find what you were looking for? Was it user friendly?

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