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Luton Borough Council

Luton’s skills and employability

Our vision

Luton will have a skilled workforce, creating better opportunities and supporting a vibrant business economy.
This includes developing a culture of aspiration and high achievement that provides the skills for the sustained development of the Luton economy and improves the life chances of all residents.

To create a strategy that will encourage employers and individuals to take joint responsibility for  up-skilling Luton’s workforce.

Luton’s Skills and Employability Strategy

To achieve this vision, and together with our partners in the skills and employability sector, we have developed Luton's skills and employability strategy 2016-2020 to address the skills shortage and unemployment issues in Luton.

The strategy is key to driving forward substantial change in Luton. It will enable our residents to prosper by improving their skills, creating better employment opportunities and enabling them to fulfil their potential.

For skill, we mean the ability to do something well, competence arising from training or experience.

For employability, we mean the abilities, knowledge and mindset to acquire employment, maintain employment, and change employment throughout life. This may include self-employment, enterprise or social enterprise.

Luton's Investment Framework

Of course, it would be impossible to achieve the aims of this strategy without investment. Luton announced itself as a major player in the UK economy with the launch of an ambitious £1.5 billion inward investment programme in April this year - the Luton Investment Framework.
The programme underpins how we are working with key partners to drive improvements to health and wellbeing and enhance prosperity across the town.
It is a 20-year plan for major transformation through inward investment which outlines how Luton will achieve strong, sustainable and balanced growth and create more than 18,500 jobs for local people.

Luton's Apprentice Strategy

Luton's apprenticeship strategy has two key aims:
  • to increase the number of Luton employers recruiting apprenticeships
  • to increase the take up of apprenticeships by Luton residents increase the take up of apprenticeships by Luton residents
Additionally, these aims contribute to a number of those within Luton’s Investment Framework and Luton's employment and skills strategy which seeks to:
  • realise Luton’s potential through its people, and create a skilled, aspiring workforce
  • provide an up-skilled, locally-sourced workforce to fill 15,000 additional new jobs
  • provide outstanding learning opportunities for all ages that increase job opportunities for Luton residents
GOV.UK announced plans this year to increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships, achieving three million apprenticeships by 2020. This will mean main stakeholders, employers, education and training providers and government working together.
Read about GOV.UKs vision here.
Part of the government's plan is to introduce an apprenticeship levy in spring 2017 that will change the way it funds apprenticeships in England.
Apprenticeships are increasingly recognised as the gold standard for work-based training. Apprentices can gain the skills AND experience desired by businesses, increasing their employability and giving them an insight in to the world of work.
Apprentices are often hired on a permanent basis with their employer after the placement has finished. If not, they are in a much better position to find alternative employment, equipped with the knowledge and skills required by other employers.

Labour Insight Reports

Ever wondered what the most sought after skills and careers are in Luton? These insight reports will tell you that and more. They helped us to create our strategies and can help you when considering a new career or further education.
Which employers have the most openings? Which skills are in the greatest demand? Who are the top employers in Luton?
Read Luton's latest labour insight reports here
See the downloads section below to find out more about our strategies and Luton's Investment Framework.


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