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Luton Investment Framework



Opportuity aspiration prosperity leaflet coverOur key focus is the Luton Investment Framework (LIF) - an ambitious plan for major town-wide transformation.

Together with our partners, we are on schedule to secure £1.5 billion investment to transform the town and create 18,500 quality jobs for local people; while driving improvements to health and wellbeing, creating opportunities for residents, raising aspirations and enhancing prosperity across the town.

LIFs strategic priorities and key areas of focus are:

1. building economic growth and prosperity
2. enhancing skills and education
3. improving health and wellbeing
4. developing quality homes and infrastructure
5. supporting safe, strong and cohesive communities

Download the LIF review documents below or click the image above to see the LIF brochure.

You can also view the LIF projects interactive map to see more about our projects.

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