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Luton's high-rises are transforming


The next step in the multi-million pound investment to tackle fuel poverty and environmental impacts is insulation the high rise blocks in Luton.


The plan is for state of the art energy efficient technology to transform homes in the high rises, with solar panels, LED lights and brand new insulation.

The project is called RENEW and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The pilot scheme which was also part funded by the ERDF was referred to as RENEW Phase 1 and consisted of 2 blocks (Penhill and Leabank in Marsh Farm estate).

Luton's high rise blocks  

Your questions answered

Residents during previous consultations asked some questions which may help answer yours.

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The safety of our tenants is our number one priority. Here's a reminder of our fire safety procedures. These guidelines will also be posted to all residents as a hard copy.

Read the fire safety guidelines

We went along to film at Beds Fire and Rescue HQ as our new cladding was put through its paces. After 24 minutes it remained intact and did not contribute to the blaze. Watch the full video below.

Watch the fire safety test video

All our plans and designs have been developed in conjunction with building control and Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. If you still have unanswered questions, get in touch or have a read through our independently-commissioned fire safety report.

Download the fire safety report

Take a look at these front and aerial elevations to get a better idea of how the completed work will look.

See elevation photos

Where possible, we'll use mast climbers. These are different to the traditional ‘poles and planks’ scaffolding. However some blocks, depending on the contractor, may opt to have scaffolding for access. There are advantages to both.

Watch a video of how the cladding works

The new water sprinkler mist system is different from traditional sprinklers as:

  • it works from the domestic supply of water
  • it's designed to minimise damage to building and contents while being just as effective
Watch the sprinkler system in action

When insulating, the property is made more airtight, and this means you need ventilation. To assist with this we are installing Heatsava Ventilation system in your kitchens.

This will help reduce build-up of condensation. Furthermore it also slightly heats up the incoming fresh air as it passes warm stale air in a special heat exchanger

More about Heatsava

This is what keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and protected from external fire.

Rockwool insulation stops warm heated air escaping out the walls and windows but at the same time it stops warmth coming in during hot weather.

Importantly this is the same material that is used to stop fire spreading. You can see more information in the below links.

ROCKWOOL burn test

More information about Rainscreen Duo Slab

The work we're carrying out will save you money on your energy bills and, at the same time, reduce carbon emissions.

Read 'stay warm for less' to find out more.

Get in touch

If you have queries or concerns, please contact our Housing team. Call Abdul Kahir on 01582 546208 or Jamie Wildman on 01582 546891 with any questions.
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