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Luton Borough Council

Executive summary

Good housing is crucial to achieving wider ambitions for Luton, as expressed in our Luton 2040 Vision. Housing underpins our commitments to a thriving economy, population wellbeing, and meeting our net-zero carbon targets. Housing is also a social justice issue and supports our ambitions for Luton to be a fair and child-friendly town.
Our housing strategy sets out how we plan to ensure that the local people benefit from good quality, affordable and appropriate housing and services.
The council and its partners are well placed to play an active role in the local housing market through development, engagement and enforcement, so that people have healthy homes and neighbourhoods they can be proud of, and specialist needs are met, supporting independent living.
Aligned to the Luton 2020 to 2040 agenda, by 2027 we aim to ensure:

  • good and improving housing services for residents, and tenants of all social landlords in the town
  • an active and increasing role for our residents and tenants
  • at least 425 new homes and 85 new affordable homes each year
  • council led activity in the local private rental market making more homes available at lower cost
  • more of the homes we most need, especially family homes
  • significant reductions in the use of temporary accommodation, to under 500 households
  • no rough sleeping in Luton
  • improved conditions in the private rented sector through extension of licensing
  • reduction of fuel poverty through additional energy efficiency measures to homes of all tenures
  • full compliance with emerging building safety and fire safety requirements
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Luton 2020 to 2040: a place to thrive

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