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Luton Borough Council

Housing strategy 2022 to 2027


A good home is the starting point for a good life. In Luton we know that people having a secure affordable home is essential to our ambitions for eradicating poverty and helping everyone to thrive.

In Luton we work with a range of partners to make homes available, improve the quality of properties and support wellbeing.

Our greatest challenge is to ensure that suitable, good quality, affordable homes are available to all who need them. Too many people are struggling with housing costs, homelessness, inaccessible and unhealthy homes. Levelling up starts at home.

We will meet this challenge through taking up all opportunities to provide new homes which meet local needs, and improving the homes we already have in the town.

The climate challenge grows ever more urgent so reducing carbon emissions from homes is a key aspect of the council’s work.

The pandemic has reinforced our understanding of the importance of home to support good health and wellbeing. Housing is not just about bricks and mortar but the surrounding neighbourhoods, and the ability to live well.

Specialist housing provision is an essential part of an independent and healthy life. We have great places and communities in Luton, and will make a contribution through our housing work to improve wellbeing across the town.

Councillor Tom Shaw
Executive Member for Housing

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