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Children's social care

Independent review of children’s social care

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care sets out some of the biggest challenges in the UK in children’s social care. If you have had experiences of children’s services, either with the family partnership service or with a social worker, they would like you to help them build some answers to these challenges.

It’s really important that the review hears from you about what was good and what could have been better for you. Also, it’s really important that you tell children’s services this as well.

On the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care website, you can have your say on the review and choose the 'have your say-lived experience' option.

If you have a social worker or personal advisor and you want to have your say, email [email protected] or ask an adult you trust to do this for you and one of our team will get in contact.

Follow the links below for information on children's social care.
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