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Support and relationships


​This is what you need to know about our responsibilities, regarding support and relationships.

Support from your personal adviser (PA)​

We'll make sure that you have a named PA.

A PA is not a qualified social worker, but they can do certain things for you. For example, they will:

  • prepare you for Pathway Plan meetings and support you to make sure the Pathway Plan is right for you
  • keep in touch with you every 8 weeks and agree the level of contact with you in your Pathway Plan
  • support you to develop the skills you need to become a secure, safe adult who is able to cope with the responsibilities of adult life
  • help you access services you may need, for example:
    • mental health services
    • drug and alcohol services
    • sexual health
  • make sure you have the support you need from the right organisations at the right time

Your PA can also:

  • help make sure you're claiming all your entitlements - this could be a bursary for college, or benefits if you are out of education and work
    support you to understand how to stay healthy


If you feel you're not being listened to or that you're not getting what you're entitled to, then you have the right to ask for an advocate from NYAS advocacy service.

An advocate is someone who does not work for us. They're there to help you challenge decisions that have been made about your life and future.

You can have an advocate to help with anything. For example:

  • feeling that you are not being listened to
  • disagreeing with plans for your future
  • contact with your family
  • financial support
  • the accommodation we provide for you

If you're unhappy about anything, you have every right to ask for and be given an advocate. This service is free.

They'll travel to see you where you feel most comfortable. You don't have to ask your IRO, social worker or PA to refer you, but they can do this if you wish.

If you'd like to use this service or get an advocate you can call NYAS helpline for free on 0808 808 1001.

The helpline is open:

  • weekdays 9am to 8pm
  • weekends 10am to 4pm (excluding bank holidays)

Or you can email them at [email protected].


We can also help you to maintain or regain contact with people special to you, or who cared for you in the past. For example, former foster carers or independent visitors.

We'll also offer support to help you reconnect with family, where it is in your best interests.

Further information

To get more information about support and relationships and our responsibilities, contact our service.

You can leave a comment, compliment or complaint about the service using the green button below.

Children's social care comments and complaints

If you’re not sure what your care leaver status is, you can contact the team on 01582 547820.​

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