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Luton Borough Council

Requirements for major applications (submitted in OUTLINE)


Applications must be submitted with a concept SuDS plan and preliminary SuDS design strategy which may include the following:

  • details of how runoff is collected from roofs, roads and other hard surfaces to keep water at or near the surface
  • source control techniques for each sub-catchment
  • site control features with approximate volumes and flow control locations and details
  • flow routes including low flow, overflow and exceeding routes
  • confirmation of conveyance features from place to place
  • confirmation of appropriate “treatment stages” within each “sub-catchment” and “management train”
  • confirmation of sub-catchments with location of flow controls
  • regional (catchment) controls in public open space where appropriate
  • confirm and demonstrate how the SUDS are integrated into the landscape, with sketches and sections as appropriate, including a management plan for the development
  • confirm the destination of the “controlled flow of clean water” from the site – the ground by infiltration, a watercourse or the surface water sewer.
Alternatively, submit details in accordance with a submission list agreed with the local planning authority through a written pre-application response with regard to the same proposal.
MAJOR applications will not be made valid from 6 April 2015 onwards unless accompanied by the above requirement
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