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Luton Borough Council

Requirements for major applications (submitted in FULL)

Major FULL applications and approval of reserved matters (unless already approved on the outline permission and no further submission required).

The application must be submitted with a detailed sustainable drainage (SuDS) design strategy which includes the following:
  • confirm details of how run-off is collected from all hard surfaces to keep water at or near the surface,
  • confirm details of source control feature for each sub-catchment
  • confirm details of each site control feature with flow control locations and details
  • confirm details of conveyance features from place to place
  • confirm details of low flow conveyance, overflow and exceeding routes
  • confirm the final storage volumes and flow control rates
  • confirm detail design of regional (catchment) controls in public open space where appropriate
  • confirm the outfall design for “the controlled flow of clean water” from the site
  • confirm plan(s) showing detail of the SuDS including levels, detail locations, detail drawings.
Alternatively, you may submit details in accordance with a submission list agreed with the local planning authority through a written pre-application response with regard to the same proposal.
MAJOR applications will not be made valid from 6 April 2015 onwards unless accompanied by the above requirement.
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