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Who can make a planning control complaint?

Anyone who thinks that a breach of control has taken place can make a complaint.

You can inform us by using the Report a potential planning breach form.

It will be helpful if you can provide as much information as possible about the breach including:
  • the location of the site
  • the alleged breach of planning control
  • an indication of the harm caused.
It would also be useful if you are able to provide:
  • the identity of the person/party responsible for the breach
  • the date or time the alleged breach took place.
All planning enforcement enquiries are treated as confidential. You do not have to give your name and address but failure to do so will result in your complaint receiving a low priority. Any personal details that are provided will be kept confidential.
However, if the matter you report to us is one of the small percentage of cases that require legal action to be taken, it is possible that you will be asked to provide written or oral evidence if that action eventually leads to prosecution or is heard by the planning inspectorate on appeal.
You should also be aware that we may be asked to reveal information under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations. We will make every effort to ensure that where personal information relating to third parties might be made known such as details of complainants’ names and addresses, this is not released without an individual’s consent.
In circumstances where an enforcement case is under active investigation or is the subject of legal action, we may consider that the information requested need not be disclosed as it may be subject to an exemption under the relevant legislation.
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