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Someone has made a planning enforcement complaint against me

If you are contacted about an alleged breach of planning control you are entitled to know what the allegation is but not who made it.

If you are not involved, no action will be taken against you. If you are involved, we will advise you of the details of the breach and how it can be remedied.
In some situations you will be invited to submit a retrospective planning application if it is considered that permission may be granted. It is beneficial to apply as any unauthorised development, for example extensions to houses, could cause problems if you sell your property at some future date.

In instances where a breach of planning control is likely to mean that retrospective planning permission is unlikely to be granted, you will be asked to correct the breach, either by removing or modifying the unauthorised development or by the cessation of works or the use. A reasonable period of time will be allowed for you undertake these tasks.

If you do nothing to put the situation right, then we will consider taking formal action.
During the course of our investigations, you may be served with a “planning contravention notice” that requires information concerning the development that has been carried out. This notice is used to establish the facts of what has occurred so that we can determine whether a breach of control has taken place and in consequence, whether formal enforcement action can be taken. The implications of not completing and returning the notice will be explained to you.
At each stage, we will make every effort to keep you informed, by phone or in writing.
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