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Planning application forms, biodiversity and validation guidance

Please submit your planning application online using the green button below.

Planning application fees for dealing with invalid applications 

The Local Planning Authority (LPA) deal with a very high number of invalid applications, approximately 70% of all applications submitted. The LPA have published guidance on information required to be submitted with applications which has been available on our website Planning application forms and validation guidance for a number of years.

Dealing with such a high percentage of invalid applications uses a significant amount of time and resources which affects the timescales for processing applications, results in delays for the customer and puts pressure on existing staff.   

Administration charges are being introduced for dealing with invalid applications and this is aimed at improving the quality of applications submitted to us and significantly increasing the number of applications valid at first submission, which will enable the planning support team to focus resources on the processing of applications rather than managing invalid applications. 

Read full details of the new administration charges can be found in the download section below.

Full details of planning application fees is available on Planning Portal using their Planning Portal’s Fee Calculator which should help ensure you submit the correct fee. Please note that if you are submitting a planning application shortly, it is the date that the application is valid which will determine the requisite fee required, not the date on which the application was received.  

Download a copy of Luton's validation requirements below to ensure that you have submitted all the relevant details with your application. This will prevent delays in processing your application. 

Please note that hard copies of the submitted application will not be required in most instances. If a set is deemed to be required for strategic major applications, this will be clarified in the pre-application process. 

Submit your application to the planning portal

Important notice

When submitting your application through the planning portal, you will need to press the submit button. If you press the save button, it will save your application in your drafts folder and we will not receive it, resulting in delays. 

It is recommended that you check our online planning portal by searching on the address after 48 hours to check your application has been received. 

If in doubt, please email us on [email protected].


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