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My child is under four years old - when do I need to apply for a school place?

You will need to think about applying for a school place in the run up to your child's third birthday

Dates of birth Due to start school (Reception Year) Apply from Closing date
1/9/19 to 31/8/20 Sep 2024 Oct 2023 15 Jan 2024
1/9/20 to 31/8/21 Sep 2025 Oct 2024 15 Jan 2025
1/9/21 to 31/8/22 Sep 2026 Oct 2025 15 Jan 2026
1/9/22 to 31/8/23 Sep 2027 Oct 2026 15 Jan 2027

If your child was born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020, please go to the starting school in September 2024 page for information on the starting school admissions process.

If you apply late, your chances of getting a preferred school are much more limited.

In the run up to your child's third birthday we strongly advise you to register his or her details at your local school. We'll then send you information explaining how to apply for a place a year before your child starts school.

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