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Luton Borough Council

Council strategies and plans

Welcome to the area of the website that deals with council strategies and plans.

In order to achieve our shared vision that: Luton will be a healthy, fair and sustainable town, where everyone can thrive and no-one has to live in poverty.  All council strategies and plans will align to the Luton 2020-2040 vision.  All of our current strategies will be updated to ensure the five priorities are included when writing a new strategy.

We will also be working with our partners for them to incorporate the five strategic priorities and target outcomes in their own strategies.

Everybody in Luton, including residents, our community and public, private and voluntary sector organisations, will work together to deliver on the following strategic priorities to achieve our shared vision.

Current strategies

Active Luton Strategy 2018-2022

Child Healthy Weight Strategy

Corporate Plan 2021-2023

Domestic Abuse Strategy 2020-2023

Flying Start Strategy 2014-2024 (refreshed February 2018)

Harnessing Momentum - Making Luton an inclusive flagship UK Place of Culture - A Strategic Vision for the Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries in Luton 2017-2027

Homelessness Prevention Strategy 2016-2021

Housing Strategy 2019-2022

Inclusive Economy Strategy

Library Strategy 2020-2025

Local Transport Plan 2011-2026

London Luton Airport Vision for Sustainable Growth 2020-2050

Luton Energy Strategy 2018-2035

Luton Local Plan 2011-2031

Luton Community Led Local Development Strategy 2016-2021

Luton Food Plan 2018-2022

Luton Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019-22

Luton's Population and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024

Luton's Strategic Vision for Sport and Physical Activity 2018-2022

Luton's Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2026

People Plan 2019-2022

Prosperity through Procurement: a Five Year Strategy 2019-2024

Sufficiency Strategy - Children in Care 2018-2021

Waste Management Strategy 2018-2028

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