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5)	Vauxhall

Vauxhall reopening their plant and creating ventilators.

5)	Bell Packaging

Bell Packaging producing face visors for retailers and hospitals.

5)	Bell Packaging

Jaltek Systems investing in new equipment, booming sectors and producing ventilators.

5)	Treacle factory

A creative hub for design, print and digital media, Treacle Factory (formerly JNB Publishing), has been providing its services for over twenty years.

Calling all employers

Don’t miss out on the government apprentice incentive payment.

Fostering - can you help?

During the Covid-19 pandemic many families on the edge are finding themselves under increasing pressure during social distancing and self-isolation.

Active travel can save your business money

Find out more about a FREE travel planning service available to businesses in Luton, supporting staff to travel more actively.

Taking action on Climate Change

Luton Council has pledged to make the town carbon neutral by 2040 and we need everyone in Luton to help us achieve our goal. We’ve made carbon neutrality a priority locally, to help us tackle the global climate emergency that the planet is facing.

5)	Luton businesses help breastfeeding mums feel #FreeToFeed

Since the #FreeToFeed campaign launch, Luton has been leading the way with more mums choosing to breastfeed.

Staff wellbeing is your business

The Centre for Mental Health has found that mental ill health costs UK employers an estimated £34.9 billion each year - the equivalent of £1,300 for every employee in the UK workforce.

British School of Aviation flying high

The world-renowned Monarch Airlines Engineering Training Academy facilities at London Luton Airport have been purchased from the joint administrators at KPMG, by British School of Aviation (BSA).

New strategy for local industry

The Local Industrial Strategy looks at the successes and strengths of our area and identifies priorities and interventions to realise innovation, further improve connectivity.

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