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Tree preservation orders and register


Tree preservation orders or TPOs were introduced to enable local planning authorities to protect important trees. See GOV.UK for more information on TPOs.

Guidance on TPOs can be found here, or see the 'protected trees guide' in the download section below.

TPOs can be placed on any tree that has amenity value. Trees that are exempt from TPOs are those that are:

  • dead
  • dying
  • diseased or dangerous
  • fruit trees grown for the commercial production of fruit

The council's policy is only to protect trees that are under direct threat.

A TPO prohibits the following actions to a protected tree without the local authorities consent:

  • cutting down
  • uprooting
  • topping
  • lopping
  • wilful damage
  • wilful destruction

The maximum penalty for carrying out works to TPO trees without consent is £20,000.

TPO search

The TPO register below contains the latest confirmed TPOs. You can:

  • search this document to find a TPO reference number and other related details
  • search by address to check whether a property contains a protected tree

Once you've found a TPO reference number, copy the number into the website search bar and you can download a copy of that TPO.

Please note: some of the TPO documents on our website are supplied by central government and may not be accessible for users of assistive technology.

Please email Development Control to request an accessible version.


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