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Driver permits and testing


If you wish to drive and/or hire a Council minibus you will first need to take a Driver Permit Test. The test takes roughly an hour and shall cost £50.00 as of 1st January 2015.

To be able to take a driver permit test, you will need to bring both parts of your driving licence, and the D1 category must be present. (This means that you passed your driving test on or before 31st December 1996 or have taken an additional vocational test via DSA)

Those who do not have the D1 entitlement i.e. they passed their test after 31st December 1996 can still obtain a "Volunteer Driver" permit. You would be required to provide your own vehicle for assessment and this must be 3500kg GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight as indicated on the Registration Document) or less or 4250kg GVW or less if fitted with accessibility equipment i.e. lift or lamp.

Providing you pass the assessment, you will then be issued a permit which is valid for 5 years. However, each year you will need to send in or bring in your permit with your driving licence for the permit to be updated.

When paying for the test, please bring a cheque made payable to Luton Borough Council or a valid cost code to be recharged.

If you wish to book a driver permit test or discuss the "Volunteer Driver" regulations, please call 01582 547219 and ask for Fleet Operations.

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