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Resident parking permits


Apply for a parking permit

Who qualifies for a residents permit?

Residents who live within a Residents Permit Zone and who keep and use a car, a van (with an Residents who live within a Residents Permit Zone and who keep and use a car, a van (with an unladen weight not exceeding 3 tonnes/3000kg or 5.3 metres in length) or a motorcycle on a full-time basis will normally qualify for a permit.

Please note; not all properties within a Residents Permit Zone will qualify. Some may have been excluded when the scheme was originally designed. New build residential properties are generally excluded from pre-existing schemes.

Your application will therefore be subject to review.

Who qualifies for a visitors permit

Visitors permits can be issued to each qualifying person within a household in a residents permit scheme in any one year.

Visitors permits are issued in addition to the residents parking permit. They may only be given to those calling at the permit holders address. All permits must be displayed clearly in the windscreen of the vehicle.

What the permit allows you to do

The permit will let you park in any parking space for the relevant zone.

Permit prices

The current cost for a residents permit in Luton is £60 for one year, limited to one permit per person. Visitors vouchers can be purchased in books of 10 costing £25 per book, intended for visitors to your address. 

How to apply

You can now apply online.

Your duties as a permit holder

It is your duty to ensure:

  • Your permit is valid
  • Your permit has not expired
  • That the registration number is correct
  • Your permit is used in accordance with the conditions of issue

Renewing your permit

You will be responsible for renewing your permit if:

  • Your permit expires - visitors permits are valid on the day of use only and residents permits valid for one year. You change your vehicle - send in the old permit with your new vehicle details to the address listed under where to apply

Withdrawal of a permit

A permit may be withdrawn or invalidated if:

  • It is found that a permit is not being used in accordance with these guidelines
  • It is found that a person is no longer eligible to hold a permit
  • The permit is altered or defaced in anyway or passed to unauthorised users

Please note that not all areas are listed here and you should contact the Parking Shop for details.

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