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Tenant participation

What is tenant participation?

Tenant participation is a way for tenants and leaseholders to help shape the housing services you receive. This two way communication between customer and landlord gives you an active part in decision making and the opportunity to influence the decisions made about housing services.

By getting involved you would:

If you are interested in finding out more, please click on the sections below. Alternatively, contact the Tenant Participation team and we'll get back to you:

E: [email protected] or
T: 07803814326

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The Tenant Scrutiny panel provides council tenants and leaseholders with a way to have a bigger say and influence in the management of housing services.

The panel is a small group of recruited tenants and leaseholders who work as a team to help improve services for all council tenants and leaseholders. They look into – inspect - the issues affecting tenants and leaseholders and make recommendations for improvement.

The role of the panel is to:

  • prioritise and oversee tenant led scrutiny activities of their choice
  • request and review evidence and make recommendations for service improvements
  • monitor and review agreed action plans
  • tell other tenants what the panel is doing and encourage them to get involved

Comment from Chair; Steve Berresford

This is our most formal and involved tenant role. Tenant Partnership Board members role is to hold the council’s housing service to account.

The board works with the council to ensure the Social Housing Regulator’s requirements are met and that tenants views are taken into account.

The board meet regularly face to face to discuss:

  • meeting the Housing Regulators requirements
  • monitoring housing service performance and complaints
  • debate and sign off tenant facing strategies, policies or papers due for formal council approval.

The board can provide a perfect role for tenants and leaseholders with a keen interest in social housing. The board needs committed member with the skills and knowledge to be able to commit to this challenging, yet rewarding and important role. There is an application process to join.

Are you the key? 

Tenant and leaseholder key customer volunteers are at the heart of improving their local area and help develop housing services that meet your needs. 

If you are passionate about where you live and want to share your ideas, gain confidence and improve your skills, volunteering as a key customer is a great way to get involved. 

As a volunteer we will provide you with: 

  • an induction session and key information needed to carry out your role
  • a variety of ways for you to get involved, including events, neighbourhood walkabouts and online
  • training and development opportunities
  • reimbursement for travel to accessible venues
  • refreshments during meetings 

How much time do I need?

Being a key customer can take very little time and mean just a short response to a monthly text question. Or you can get more involved by joining a group and attending a regular monthly face to face meeting. The choice is yours. 

How can I volunteer?

Tenants and residents are invited to apply to volunteer. We welcome applicants with energy and enthusiasm who want to work with us to inspire, transform and promote excellent housing services. We are looking for volunteers with good listening and communication skills who can get involved in meetings, make recommendations and manage relationships. 

No experience is necessary and basic training will be provided to enable you to fulfil the role. Once your application has been submitted a member of the team will contact you within 10 working days to explain the role in more detail and arrange to meet you.

What is a TARA?

A tenants and residents association, tenant group or resident group are a local group of residents banding together to improve and develop their community and making sure they have a say in what happens locally.

The group could be made of an informal resident group without any lead roles or a formal group with a terms of reference. Formal groups have elected members such as the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Formal groups can seek funding and open a bank account.

TARA’s meet as often as agreed by members, to discuss improvements, community events, bidding for funding , area walkabouts and various area issues. 

What we expect from TARA’s that we support.

  • Good communication
  • Transparency in activities
  • Accountability
  • Community spirit
  • Passion for learning/training 

What you can expect from us.

  • We will attend your meetings
  • Work side by side with you to resolve issues
  • Provide training and support
  • Providing venues for meeting (conditional)
  • Help with your community bids

As part of our commitment to improving the quality of neighbourhoods, the tenant participation team host a programme of estate walkabouts throughout the year. The walkabouts involve walking around an estate where our homes are located, and identifying any issues that might need to be tackled. Tenants are welcome to join these and they are advertised locally around the date of the event.

The walkabouts give you a chance to meet staff, discuss issues about your neighbourhood or anything to do with their home or tenancy. Walkabouts usually last one to two hours depending on the size of your area

Please complete the attached form for more information or contact the team.

  • Neighbourhood improvements
  • Getting to know your neighbours and other residents
  • Work experience
  • Training opportunities
  • Personal development
  • Involvement events

You must be over 18 years old and a tenant or leaseholder of Luton Council.

Any expenses (mileage, childcare etc) will be reimbursed.

Before applying to use your communal greenland please review the following to check your eligibility

Needs express permission

  • Fencing of any kind
  • Sheds, structures of any kind
  • Tables and chairs

Not allowed

  • Decking
  • No obstructions for grass cutting, windows, doors and safe access and egress
  • Swimming pools, trampolines
  • Barbeques
  • Wind chimes
  • Fish ponds and fountains
  • Children’s toys and structures, such as climbing frames

Grey areas

  • Existing sheds without an owner
  • Some Bird feeding
Please use the below button to fill out the form.

Request to use communal greenland in your flat block

TPAS (tenant engagement experts)

Do not miss out on your free TPAS membership. Register with TPAS, the country’s leading national tenant involvement organisation. Free membership gives you access to training, unlimited attendance at free regional events, magazines, briefings, as well as a telephone helpline and information service Contact TPAS on 0800 731 1315.

To make the best possible use of membership benefits visit:


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