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Luton Borough Council

Tenant participation

Volunteer opportunities - recruiting now

Are you interested in helping to shape and improve the services Luton council offers its residents?

Did you know you can gain work experience, skills and references whilst improving your community as a housing volunteer?

We are currently looking for council tenants and leaseholders to join us in the following positions – no skills, experience or qualifications required.

Tenant Scrutiny panel

This panel conducts in-depth, focused reviews of certain housing services. This can include measuring and reviewing performance figures, interviewing housing staff and service users and completing in-depth reports.

Tenant Partnership board

The board of recruited and trained council tenants and leaseholders holds regular meetings with senior managers to discuss housing service reports and proposed changes to policy. These reports go on to the council for approval.

Key customers

These are the eyes and ears of a community and they have regular contact with their housing officer and local concierge officer. This provides another opportunity for residents to raise any issues or concerns they have with their local area.

Tenants and residents association (TARA)

Existing TARA’s welcome new people along to their meetings. Just fill in the form and we will let you know when the next meeting or walkabout is taking place. If there isn’t a TARA in your area we can help you set one up.

TARA’s Managers can help you tackle any issues effecting your community. The council can offer support and training.

Potential rewards

To find out more, email [email protected].

You must be over 18 years old and a tenant or leaseholder of Luton Council.

Any expenses (mileage, childcare etc) will be reimbursed.

Before applying to use your communal Greenland please review the following to check your eligibility.

Needs express permission

Not allowed

Grey areas

Please use the below button to fill out the form.

Request to use communal greenland in your flat block

TPAS (tenant engagement experts)

Do not miss out on your free TPAS membership. Register with TPAS, the country’s leading national tenant involvement organisation. Free membership gives you access to training, unlimited attendance at free regional events, magazines, briefings, as well as a telephone helpline and information service Contact TPAS on 0800 731 1315.

To make the best possible use of membership benefits visit:


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